• Happy Baby Happy Mummy

    Tory was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and also very caring. She came to help me with my little boy who was about 5 months at the time and had been waking every 2 hours over night. Being baby number 2 I thought I had this sleep thing all sorted, but my son was here to remind me we are all different!  Tory's approach towards supporting my baby to sleep is gentle enough so that baby's needs are fully nurtured whilst at the same time just firm enough to give them the space to figure out how to settle by themselves. Having Tory come into my home gave me the confidence to know that I was doing the right thing in encouraging my baby to learn how to fall asleep on his own. One of the most important first skills you can teach a baby! Tory gave me the assurance to know when to leave him and when to cuddle him. My little boy is now 9 months and sleeping right through the night. Happy baby and happy mummy! 

    - Jessica

  • A Pillar of Support

    What a wonderful service! Tory from Postnatal Angels was a pillar of support for me in my early days of breastfeeding my second child. I had unusual circumstances and I felt like every effort was made to make my breastfeeding experience successful. She went above and beyond, and I can’t thank her enough for always being available for me in my moments of doubt. I would highly recommend Postnatal Angels to anyone who needs some extra help with breastfeeding. 3 months on and I am exclusively breastfeeding my son from one breast. A million thanks to Tory. I’ll be keeping your number!

    - Pippi

  • From the very first time I spoke to Tory, I felt like I was speaking to a wonderful friend whom I could trust entirely

    I first called Tory when I was pregnant with my second child. I had experienced a traumatic time after my first child was born and I was determined that my second time around would be different as some parts of my previous experience had scarred me very deeply. From the very first time I spoke to Tory, I felt like I was speaking to a wonderful friend whom I could trust entirely. Tory was such a wonderful listener and I completely poured my heart out. The support that Tory gave to myself and my husband was so positive and empowering that I went into my second labour and postnatal period excited and full of confidence. Having support not only from family at this time but from an experienced professional made the world of difference. Having fought so hard to breastfeed my first child, I had battled on for months in tears and was carrying such heavy guilt due to having undergone a previous breast reduction. Tory shone light on the fact that feeding our children is not only about nutrition. Tory taught me that even if I couldn’t supply my baby’s entire nutritional needs, I was meeting his spiritual needs and feeding his soul. Through Tory’s guidance and understanding, I was able to overcome these previous breastfeeding emotions and have a positive feeding relationship with my second baby. Tory helped me with supplemental amounts and other elements of breastfeeding with supplementing until solids took over. I had none of this knowledge and reassurance the first time around and Tory always highlighted the positives in my situation. Tory visited me in hospital everyday (I was there 6 nights!) and as well as being a wonderful lactation consultant she taught my husband ways of settling the baby so that I could get some rest and he could be involved. My youngest is now 14 months old and I am still feeding him. He sleeps well and is such a happy, cheeky boy. I will always remember Tory and be grateful to her for being a positive mentor to me in such a special time in my life and for helping parts of me to heal xxx

    - Sophie