Dec 22 2015

Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Try these ten breastfeeding techniques.


  • Hold baby close, supporting the neck but allowing the head to move


  • Baby’s chest is against your chest


  • Nose is opposite the nipple


  • Baby’s head needs to be able to tilt back


  • The baby’s chin presents to the breast first


  • Baby needs to have a wide open mouth


  • Swiftly hug baby close to you so that they can take a big mouthful of breast approximately 2 cm below the nipple so that the nipple slips under the upper lip to the back of the baby’s mouth.


  • Baby’s lips should be flanged out enabling a good seal


  • Baby will start sucking quickly then slow down to a rhythmic suck/swallow pattern.


  • If your baby isn’t attached properly stop the feed by inserting your finger into the baby’s mouth to break the seal and start again






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